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Cheryl Taylor

Next Level Journeys was born from the idea that while we are all striving for that “next level” in many areas of our lives, sometimes we need a little help. That’s where I come in. Hi, I’m Cheryl and I’m here to assist you in moving beyond restriction, into exploration. I am an Aumakhua-Ki® Master Instructor, LMT, Lover of Travel and Crystal enthusiast. After an illness 12 years ago, I began a path towards wellness and supporting others on their journey as well. I incorporate a variety of modalities in my healing practice located in Orlando, Florida and am passionate about helping people lead happy, fulfilled and mindful lives. I host retreats and workshops locally and abroad and thrive in creating and holding sacred space for healing. Finding the perfect travel adventure to meet your needs is a passion. Crystals, essential oils, meditation, sound healing, and energy work are tools used both for myself and clients. Be fully present in whatever you are doing, come from a place of love, and remember to be gentle with yourself are insights that have supported this ride called life. Together, let's take life to the Next Level!

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Meaningful Travel

Meaningful travel is all about connecting with the location, community, and getting off the beaten path. Meet with locals, sit on the land in meditation, or offer your time in service to assist the community in some way, are just a few of the ways we can connect to a place.

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Contact Me to Craft your Personal Journey

Don't hesitate to contact me to start crafting your journey today! Get started by filling out the Trip Inquiry Form!
I would love to get to know you and then help you invest wisely so that your hard-earned vacation results in life-long memories to cherish forever. Please get in touch so we can get started!



A retreat is an opportunity to step out of your daily life to explore and connect in a deeper way.  Whether it is a day long immersion, a weekend or a week long program, you will leave feeling clearer, more connected and ready to move forward in a positive way.

Next Level Journeys women's retreat

Goddess in the Forest 5

A Sacred Energy Retreat for Women

Registration information to come......


Events give us time to play! Crystals, Oracle cards, energy modalities and more are offered throughout the year to expand our toolbox, learn new skills and have some fun.

Sacred Song Circle

Sunday January 19th 6:30pm


Sound healing, medicine songs, meditation and more! 

Reach out today to register!

Email Cheryl at -

AumaKhua-Ki® Vibrational Meditation

TBD      Cost: Love offering

Mead Botanical Garden, 1300 S Denning Dr, Winter Park, Florida 32789     

Come experience the meditative magic created using a variety of sound healing instruments. Leave feeling balanced, clearer, more connected and with a deep sense of peace!

Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, water-whatever you may need to ensure comfort.

Bring anything you would like charged up with the healing resonance of the bowls and the positive energy we will all create together.

This event is outdoors so please check back before heading over in case weather is an issue.

We will be by Alice's Pond. Please refer to the map in the parking lot if you need assistance or email Cheryl at for more info.


Cheryl - crystal bowls


Sound Healing Sunday


AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Balancing 1

Date TBA   10am-5pm  Investment: $225      Deposit: $50    

Open to all, the only prerequisites are an open heart and mind! Florida LMT's earn 6 CE's! (Provider #50-14398)   

Are you looking for a new tool to aid in feeling balanced, grounded and more in tune with your energy? AumaKhua-Ki® is a wonderful energy modality that will help raise your vibration, increase your intuition, and connect you more deeply to your higher self. Learn AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Balancing 1 for doing energy balancing on yourself.

Teaching includes the history of AumaKhua-Ki ® and hand placements for self-balancing sessions. Learn ways to apply these energizing techniques in your daily life for yourself and others. Learn about the parasympathetic state and the benefits of doing relaxation techniques. Participants will learn about Chakras and how to balance their energy centers.
Participants will learn how to do AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Balancing for seated clients.

This 1-Day course includes 1 attunement, a class workbook and a certificate of completion.


**AKEB 2 will be offered the following day. Register for both and save. Contact Cheryl for more information.


***Contact Cheryl to register at or (407) 625-9719

AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Balancing 2

Date TBA     10am-6pm      Investment: $250    Deposit $50   

Florida LMT's earn 7 CE's! (Provider #50-14398)   

Gain skills in performing Energy Assessments, doing hand placements for supine and prone client positions during AUMAKHUA-KI ® table sessions, Energy Balancing and Chakra Healing. Gain experience using the 2nd Degree and Chakra Power Aumakhua-Ki® Symbols. Plenty of hands-on training so all attendees can experience giving and receiving AUMAKHUA-KI ® sessions. Participants will also learn how to do an intermediate level of AUMAKHUA-KI ® Energy Healing for seated clients.


This 1-Day course includes 1 attunement, a class workbook and a certificate of completion.

***Contact Cheryl to register at or (407) 625-9719


Energy Healing

Allow me to assist you in tapping into the abundant healing energies that constantly surround us.  An energy session can bring about a sense of peace,  bring clarity to situations, and ease pain and discomforts.  After the session you will even be given “OM”work to support further growth and exploration.

Crystal Healing Treatments

Working with crystalline energy helps the body to find it’s natural rhythm.

AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Balancing

Come experience the beautiful energy of Aumakhua-Ki® to assist in balancing your energies.

Reiki Energy Treatments

Soothing, relaxing and gentle healing treatment.

Energetic Balancing Massage

A variety of massage techniques, crystal therapy, flower essences, and Aumakhua-Ki® energy work.

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